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Maximise your treadmill workouts

Is your treadmill lurking in the corner of your living room, but you lack motivation? Here are different ways to use your treadmill to make your workouts much more fun and productive.


Everything you should know about the rower

Discover the rower, a complete workout machine that works your upper and lower body while improving your cardiovascular endurance.


Maximize your time with the circuit training

Want to improve your cardio and make your workouts more effective? We have a solution for you! The circuit training.


Tabata: A successful training approach

To get you in the mood to train at home, we decided to associate with a local business that will motivate you to the max! Your Wellness Corner prepared you a Tabata training that will make you work hard in record time!


Fitness repairs

Club Piscine offers a wide range of services including fitness equipment maintenance and repair as the treadmill, the elliptical trainer, stationary bike, rower, home gym, and stepper.


To eat or not to eat before a training session.

Did you know it isn’t recommended to train on an empty stomach or to over eat?


Bicycle workout : muscles involved

While using traditional, half-reclined, horizontal or cardio bike, these muscles are the most worked out.


Treadmill workout : muscles involved

Read the article to find out!


Rowing machine : muscles use

To find out which muscles are used while using a rowing machine, read our article.


Elliptical trainer : muscles use

Ce sont les muscles dans le bas du corps qui travaillent le plus.


For a safe workout

Here are some recommendations to avoid harm and over-training!



It is often repeated the importance of staying hydrated. But how?


About "Natural Weight"

What you need to know about natural weight.


Let’s Talk About Muscles!

Do you know how many muscles we actually have? The human body has over 600 muscles that represent around 40% of our body weight.


Staying physically active

While we may be preparing to close a pool, or perhaps winterize a spa and put away patio furniture, let’s not pack ourselves in and stop moving as well!


Maple Syrup!

Because of its composition, maple syrup stands out as a choice sweetening agent, far less damaging to the health.



What you need to know about snacks!



You often hear about fiber, but what do we actually know about fiber?


Benefits of tea

Tea is the 2nd most popular drink in the world, after water. Not only is tea low on calories, some of its beneficial aspects can be found in the polyphenols it contains.


Chocolate... Good for your health!

When taken in moderation, chocolate can be a good ally for your health.


Apple and its benefits

The popular expression «An apple a day keeps the doctor away» might not be completely wrong!



Do you know the benefits of walking?


Exercises in the office

Sitting on a chair all day? Here are some exercises and stretches to do to stretch your body.


Nutrition Facts labels

How to determine if a given food contains a little or a lot of any specific nutrient.


Calculate your daily energy need

You want to know how many calories you should consume per day? Here is a simple formula that will help you.


Calculate your BMI

First, what is BMI? This Index is used to estimate the risk to the health of a person in relation to body size.


Stay Hydrated

How much water should you drink per day?



Is your breathing ideal? Being aware of how to breathe has many positive effects to consider!


Benefits of fitness

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Here are seven physical activity beneficials.


Fat burning metabolism

Here are some tips that will help boost your fat burning metabolism and promote weight loss now.


6 Tips to lose weight

Here are some simple and easy steps to follow which will help you maintain or lose weight!


10 reasons to love the treadmill

No matter what the weather is, you can do your workout!


Pool Routines

For the summer months, we suggest 2 exercise routines you can do in the pool. To mix workout and fun, you can easily do these exercises with the kids !


Stay motivated !

We all know that exercise is crucial to one’s health. However, being motivated and staying motivated enough to use your fitness equipment time after time is quite a challenge! Here are some useful tips.


Best time for a workout?

Here is what we found out.


Could you work at a treadmill desk?

Sitting all day is not good for your health or your physical fitness. So, would you be ready to try a treadmill desk?


Reduce weight gain when you reach 40.

How do I do it? To learn more, read the article.


For long-term weight loss…

Should you choose aerobic or resistance training? Read the article to learn more.



Here is some information and advice about willpower.


SMART goals

Le meilleur moyen de trouver la motivation et l'encadrement nécessaires pour réussir vos résolutions, c'est en vous fixant des objectifs clairs et précis.


Rowing Technique

To carry out the movement properly and avoid injury, it is important to adopt the right technique while using the rower. Here it is!



Did you know that using kettlebells may improve : Strength; Muscle power; Endurance; Momentum; Coordination; Mobility; etc. If you want to know more about kettlebells, read this article!


Exercises without equipment

Here are ideas for exercises to do without training equipment.


Home Gym Exercises

Here are some exercises that you can do on almost any home gym machine.


Exercising with kettlebells

Here are 15 exercises to do with the kettlebell.


Abdominals exercises

The exercises ball promoting balance (stability), muscle mass, stamina, flexibility, and focus.



Try this stretching exercise for your back while sitting.


What are training zones?

Training zones let you know how intensive your training should be depending on results you're trying to obtain. Here are 2 formulas to determine your maximum heart rate.



In order to be successful, you should know that it is better to start off slowly. Here's an alternating beginner program.


Tips for a ski trip

Physical preparation is essential to fully enjoy and make the most of a ski trip! Here are some tips.


Choose the right exercise machine

You’re interested in starting to workout at home but you are not sure what fitness machine to get? Here are some ideals that will help you make up your mind.


Type of exercise

The following table will assist you in setting up a custom-made fitness program based on your personality, and own needs.


Muscular Pain?

Do you have an uncomfortable pain, but aren’t sure whether you should apply heat or an ice pack? Here is a little guide to help you choose.


Exercise ball workout: Legs

Here are a few leg exercices to do with an exercise ball.


Exercise ball : arms and back

Need exercise ideas to tone your arms and back?


Optimum twosomes!

There’s nothing like teaming up with a friend or a family member to maintain your motivation and perseverance while exercising.