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How to open your inground pool step by step ?

In this video, we will be opening an in-ground pool with a cover step by step. If you are the owner of a fibreglass pool, please refer to the owner’s manual or contact your local Club Piscine Super Fitness store.


The Club Piscine Terrace

We are more than happy to offer the grand prize winner of the Maison Enfant Soleil a terrace signed by Club Piscine!


Maximise your treadmill workouts

Is your treadmill lurking in the corner of your living room, but you lack motivation? Here are different ways to use your treadmill to make your workouts much more fun and productive.


How to winterize your inground pool?

Today, we will be winterizing an in-ground pool with a cover step by step. If you are the owner of a fibreglass pool, please refer to the owner’s manual or contact your local Club Piscine Super Fitness store.


How to winterize your hot tub?

At Club Piscine, we believe that the best way to winterize your hot tub is to keep using it during winter. You are not planning on using your hot tub regularly this winter? Then, you will need to close it completely. Here is how to winterize your hot t


Guide to pool water solutions

Having problems with your pool water? Here’s how to prevent them, hassle-free.


Being energy wise means having peace of mind

Having a pool in their yard is a cherished dream of many Quebecers. This dream represents a little piece of heaven where the family can spend magical moments.


How to open your hot tub step by step

Winter is now behind us, and the melting snow reveals your well-protected spa in the backyard. Just thinking about a nice hydrotherapy session has you feeling more relaxed? Here are the 4 steps you will need to follow to complete your spa opening.


How to open your above ground pool step by step ?

Once the ice and snow inside your pool have completely melted, you will be able to do so! Indeed, it is recommended that you open your pool as soon as possible when the snow has melted so as to minimize algae growth, which will then make it easier for you


Discover our candles

We too dream that summer lasts longer.


Everything you should know about the rower

Discover the rower, a complete workout machine that works your upper and lower body while improving your cardiovascular endurance.


Maximize your time with the circuit training

Want to improve your cardio and make your workouts more effective? We have a solution for you! The circuit training.


Tabata: A successful training approach

To get you in the mood to train at home, we decided to associate with a local business that will motivate you to the max! Your Wellness Corner prepared you a Tabata training that will make you work hard in record time!


Jacuzzi stab sticks

Did you know that UV rays break down the chlorine in your pool in sunny weather?


Sunbeam Fire Tables

Sunbeam entered the fire pit market in 2016 and has since received rave reviews and steady growth in volume. Sunbeam fire pits has taken hold substantially in the North American Market.


How many liters of water is in my pool?

Our chart will show you the number of liters of water in your pool.



It is the therapeutic use of water in all its forms: baths, showers, body wraps, Vichy and irrigation.


Ultraviolet Rays

Tanning occurs due to ultraviolet rays but intense exposure can be harmful to your health.


Exercises in the Pool

For the summer months, we suggest these exercises that you can do in the pool.


Family Pavilion

It's easy to turn any gazebo into a family retreat by using simple and effective ideas.