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How to winterize your hot tub?

At Club Piscine, we believe that the best way to winterize your hot tub is to keep using it during winter. You are not planning on using your hot tub regularly this winter? Then, you will need to close it completely. Here is how to winterize your hot t


How to open your hot tub step by step

Winter is now behind us, and the melting snow reveals your well-protected spa in the backyard. Just thinking about a nice hydrotherapy session has you feeling more relaxed? Here are the 4 steps you will need to follow to complete your spa opening.


Discover our candles

We too dream that summer lasts longer.



It is the therapeutic use of water in all its forms: baths, showers, body wraps, Vichy and irrigation.


All about Jacuzzi spas

Whether you are professional athlete or a weekend warrior, Jacuzzi® products increase your ability to recover, relax and perform, harnessing water's natural ability to heal the mind body and soul.


Homemade beauty masks

Think your complexion could use a little pick-me-up? Try our homemade masks!


Jacuzzi Products

After more than 60 years redefining the conventions of the industry, we made our mark by being an innovation driven company on the cutting edge of technology. Every product we build is based on our core business values : Design, Innovation and Performance


Spa owner's manual

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers you the owner's manual for hot tub.


Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

A simple 10 minute routine per week for sparkling spa water and unparalleled experience!


Spa repairs

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers a wide range of hot tub services including servicing and repairs.


Spa closing

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers you the spa closing services.


Spa opening

Here are the services offered when our specialists open your spa…


Benefits of hot tubs or spas

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers a therapeutic spa, including various massage stations, to obtain a complete hydrotherapy.


Massage in your spa?

With practically all brands of spas, there are at least 2 types of massages.


Spa Benefits

The spa brings many benefits to our body and health. Want to know more?



Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands.


PowerPro® jets collection

More jets do not equal a better hydromassage, but the right jets do. From the perfect mix of air and water to careful placement of each exclusive Powerpro.



Chromotherapy uses different colors of light to help calm and rejuvenate your mind.


Winter spa splendor

Indulge yourself with the ultimate experience of a thermal bath in that most magical setting that only those mild winter days can bring, when the gently falling snowflakes practically float in the air!


Swim spa

See the benefits of a swim spa!


Helpful Spa Tips

Here is information about spa maintenance.


How to close my hot tub?

How to close my hot tub?


Choose a spa

Usable all year round, a spa is now a must! There’s a huge range of models available, so how to go about choosing one?



Did you know that 2 bathers in a spa are equivalent to 20 bathers in a 21 feet swimming pool…



Did you know that non chlorinated shock treatments exist?


Foam in your spa?

Foam in your spa? We have the solution!


Chlorine and bromine in your spa?

Too high chlorine and bromine in your spa! Here are some tips and advices!


Chlorine odor in your spa?

Does your spa smell too much chlorine? Check out our article to find out more!


Chemicals is used for your spa?

Do you have questions about the chemicals used for your spa? Here are the answers to your questions.


Irritating after spa?

Did your eyes and skin irritating after going to your spa? Here are some tips and advices for this problem!


Spa: cloudy water

Is your spa water cloudy? Here are some tips and solutions to have clear water.


Spa calcium deposits?

Calcium deposits in your spa? We have the solution to your problem.


Spa water colored?

Is your spa water colored? Here are some tips and solutions to have clear water.


Residential spa rules

What are the regulations regarding residential spas?


Spa safety tips

Follow these safety recommendations to ensure a safe usage of your spa.


Spa manual

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers you the owner's manual for hot tub.


Purchase a spa

There are several steps that must be completed before the delivery and installation of your spa.


Hot tub buyer's plan advice

See some steps of a spa installation.