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Bahamas Collection

The Bahamas collection embodies the very essence of tropical relaxation. Whether you want to create an alfresco dining area or a lounge area for relaxing in the sun, this collection offers every possibility for creating a beautiful living space.

Baltic Collection

Offering a spacious area to gather and relax, the Baltic collection invites conviviality and relaxation. Clean lines and teakwood armrests add a touch of modernity and natural charm.

Beaufort Collection

Each piece in the Beaufort collection is carefully designed to offer ultimate comfort with generous cushioning. It showcases its clean lines and ergonomic silhouette. Let yourself be enchanted by the incomparable charm of this collection, which embodies the art of elegant living in every moment of daily life.

Flores Bistro Collection

Create a tranquil, intimate atmosphere on your balcony or garden area with the Flores collection. Thanks to soft lines, delicate curves and refined details, Flores evokes a feeling of lightness and fluidity throughout your dining space.

Cantori Collection

The furniture in the Cantori collection is designed with a sturdy aluminum frame, offering a solid, resistant base while retaining an airy lightness. This structure is then skilfully interwoven with fine rope, creating delicately woven backrests that add a touch of subtle texture and a soft feel to each seat.

Coral Collection

The Coral collection has a distinguished look that will create a comfortable and chic atmosphere for entertaining your guests.

Cozumel Collection

Welcome to the refined tropical elegance of the Cozumel collection, where contemporary comfort meets the timeless charm of natural materials. Each piece in this collection combines sturdiness and lightness with unrivalled quality, offering an experience of relaxation and luxury.

Cushions Collection

Whether you're looking to add a splash of vibrant color, enhance a luxe sofa or create a cozy reading nook, our cushions collection offers a carefully curated selection to meet all your needs and desires.

Dalvik Collection

With the Dalvik collection, every moment becomes an opportunity to enjoy the best of contemporary design. Its unique style and practicality transform your living space into a focal point of entertainment and modern elegance.

Laurence Collection

The Laurence collection offers a wide range of furniture to create your own oasis of relaxation or dining space.

Maui Collection

The Maui furniture collection is an ideal solution for creating a modern, comfortable outdoor space around your pool. With its contemporary design, durable materials and versatility, this collection will help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Moreno Collection

Immerse yourself in a world where urban style meets uncompromising functionality, and let yourself be seduced by the industrial charm of the Moreno collection. The Moreno collection's industrial aesthetic is reinforced by clean lines and minimalist finishes. Shades of brushed aluminum blend harmoniously with mesh to create a striking contrast, while metallic details accentuate the industrial look of each piece.

Nostra Collection

With the Nostra collection, you're spoilt for choice for your terrace. Choose a dining set with clean lines and a modern look, or a convivial bar set ideal for cocktails at the end of the day and evenings with friends.

Oslo Collection

Discover the Oslo furniture collection, where modern design and functionality come together to enhance your living space. Made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, ceramic, mesh and teak, this collection combines quality, comfort and design.

Raja Collection

Add a touch of the exotic to your terrace with the Raja collection. With delicately braided rope backrests and accents wrapped around an aluminum frame, each piece in this collection embodies a natural, refined aesthetic. Invite your friends and family to share unforgettable moments under the summer sun.

Valentine Collection

Enjoy dinner and discuss with your friends quietly with the Valentine set. Ideal and versatile for many occasions.

Savoy Collection

Get your family and friends together with the Savoy dinner set! Its contemporary and industrial design will be the envy of your guests. Its contemporary and industrial design will perfectly match your outdoor environment.

Adirondack Collection

The Adirondack chair and its collection are a must-have for evenings by the fire, camping or on vacations. Ergonomically design, easy to clean, you can add a cushion for more comfort.

Möbel Collection

There are many possibilities when choosing Möbel garden furniture. Personalize your outdoor design and enjoy it to the fullest!

Iceland Collection

The Iceland set will perfectly match your outdoor environment with its neutral colors and contemporary design. Enjoy your garden in good company!

Valencia Collection

The Valencia collection is an elegant and sophisticated line of outdoor furniture that brings a touch of Mediterranean style to your outdoor space.

Allure Collection

The Allure collection with its chic and contemporain design will create a unifying effect during a family lunch or dinner.

Atlantis Collection

For memorable family moments, Atlantis is a great addition to your outdoor patio.

Barcelona Collection

Our Barcelona collection offers extensible tables, which will allow you to receive all your guests easily. A very practical, durable and versatile choice!

Bella Collection

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor terrace by adding a set combining comfort and a dining set. The Bella collection will amaze you with its thick cushions and high quality finish.

Eastwood Collection

The Eastwood collection will surprise you with its modern look. Enjoy outdoor barbecues or cocktails on your patio with family and friends.

Elisabeth Collection

The Elisabeth collection is made of cast aluminum for a long last durability. The weight of cast aluminum also promises that your furniture will stay in place no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

Imperial Collection

Add elegance to your decor with the imperial set. This magnificient set allows you to receive your family and friends for a most successful evening.

Madeira Collection

Enjoy a warm ambience with the Madeira outdoor dining set, a decor that look both chic and natural with its touch of eucalyptus wood.

Marquis Collection

The superb Marquis collection with its chic and rustic look will satisfy those looking for comfort and durability.

Martini Collection

The Martini set is perfect for your garden or your condo space. Decorative and functional, this furniture creates an inviting atmosphere for all occasions.

Mila Collection

Enjoythe present moment and share pure pleasures in the garden of your home with the Mila collection.

Millennium Collection

Millennium garden furniture gives you the opportunity to add seating when other guests arrive and enhance your decor with a personal touch.

Montecristo Collection

The Montecristo outdoor living room set is distinguished by its very thick cushions. Ideal for entertaining your guests and enjoying your favorite cocktails.

Provence Collection

The Provence collection can be easily arranged with several pieces thanks to its neutral materials and contemporary design. Enjoy the moment in good company.

Royale Collection

The Royale collection with its chic and rustic design will create a unifying effect during a family lunch or dinner.

San Andres Collection

Choose a versatile and durable set that will be at the heart of your summer receptions, the San Andres collection.

Terrace Collection

The terrace set is perfect for your garden or your condo space. Have breakfast and enjoy your outdoor environment in complete tranquility.

Universal Collection

Make your own decor with the Universal collection with a trendy a modern look. You will be able to add certain pieces to your taste and according to your needs.

Victoria Collection

Designed for comfort and durability, Victoria attractive and versatile collection won't disappoint you at summer events.