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Massage in your spa?

When you go see a massage therapist, you will probably be asked what type of massage you would like to have. However, what about the types of massages you can enjoy in your spa?

With practically all brands of spas, there are at least 2 types of massages:


This massage uses water and air jets to pinpoint muscular fibers while stimulating blood circulation. The benefits of a hydro-aerodynamic massage are the elimination of lactic acid, which helps reduce cramps, loosen stiff muscles, and relieve sluggishness while supplying energizing minerals. This type of massage is the same as the one provided by a massage therapist. Areas treated by this massage are the nape of the neck, shoulders, solar plexus, spine, hips, thighs and foot soles.


A relaxation massage in a spa involves the production of air bubbles that envelop your body, while the temperature and murmur of the water, along with your choice of aromatherapy and/or chromatherapy, provide a calming effect. The bubbles that caress your skin stimulate your nervous system. Because the water is warmer than your skin (the temperature of your skin is 33°C), your blood vessels dilate and promote blood flow throughout your body. With the addition of other elements, you attain a state of comfort, peacefulness and relaxation that is excellent for proper metabolism function.


The Archimedean buoyant force may not actually enter into the category of massages, but this principle is regularly used by massage therapists. The weightlessness (buoyancy) provided by a spa allows you to mildly work on certain muscles without causing joint stress. It also relieves accumulated tension.

Almost everyone can benefit from a spa. However, ensure that the massage jets are not too strong to avoid injury to tissues.

We would like to remind you that pregnant women, young children and people with potential heart problems should avoid using a spa. Should someone with one of these conditions want to enter your spa, make sure you lower the water temperature.

For more information on specific massages you can enjoy depending on the different brands and jets available, speak with one of our in-store experts.