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Services and tips for: BBQ
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About "Natural Weight"
What you need to know about natural weight.
To eat or not to eat before a training session.
Did you know it isn’t recommended to train on an empty stomach or to over eat?
What you need to know about snacks!
Calculate your daily energy need

You want to know how many calories you should consume per day?
Here is a simple formula that will help you.

Nutrition Facts labels
How to determine if a given food contains a little or a lot of any specific nutrient.
Fat burning metabolism
Here are some tips that will help boost your fat burning metabolism
and promote weight loss now.
6 Tips to lose weight
Here are some simple and easy steps to follow which will help you maintain or lose weight!
The perfect steak on BBQ

Quick, easy and delicious; the perfect grilled steak every time.

Maple barbecue sauce

Quick, easy and delicious; the perfect grilled steak every time.

Salmon steaks with sesame and soy
An elegant dinner doesn't have to take hours to cook; this incredible dish is ready in minutes and so easy to prepare.
Grilled corn on the cob
No mess, no fuss, do not husk! Great way to cook for a corn roast.
4 Tips when you want to buy a Charcoal BBQ
Charcoal cooking makes you salivate? Do you dream of having a good charcoal barbecue that will also serve as a smokehouse in your backyard? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.