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Materials for your patio furniture!
Do you know which materials are used in garden furniture?
Sun Shelters
We offer four types of garden shelter: the canvas shelter; the shelter with rigid roof; the solarium-type shelter; the permanent shelter. Which one is for you?
Caring for your wooden furniture
Your furniture has already been treated at the factory with an oil preservative. However, after unpacking and assembling your furniture, we recommend that you clean your furniture thoroughly by removing dust particles, then lightly oil the furniture and allow it to dry.
Buying a pool in July?
Definitely! It's not too late to buy your pool.
Optimum twosomes!
There’s nothing like teaming up with a friend or a family member to maintain your motivation and perseverance while exercising.
Tips for a stylish garden decor!
Here are some deco tips for a stylish garden decor of your own style and taste.
Exercise ball : arms and back
Need exercise ideas to tone your arms and back?
Exercise ball workout: Legs
Here are a few leg exercices to do with an exercise ball.
Heat and alcohol!
Did you know the effects of alcool with heat?
Muscular Pain?
Do you have an uncomfortable pain, but aren’t sure whether you should apply heat or an ice pack? Here is a little guide to help you choose.
Type of exercise
The following table will assist you in setting up a custom-made fitness program based on your personality, and own needs.
Round or oval above ground pool?
The differences between a round and an oval pool.
Liters of water in my pool?
Consult our chart to find out!
Heat your pool?
There are several possible solutions to raise the temperature of your pool a few degrees before, during and after the summer season.
Choose the right exercise ball
To optimize your exercises with a ball, you must choose the one that suits you best!
Choose a spa
Usable year-round, the spa or hot tub, has become a must-have these days! There’s a huge range of models available—so how to go about choosing one, you ask? We help take the mystery out of spa selection.
How to close my hot tub?
How to close my hot tub?
Choose the right exercise machine
You’re interested in starting to workout at home but you are not sure what fitness machine to get? Here are some ideals that will help you make up your mind.
Clean your umbrella
Your umbrella, which protects you so well from the sun's rays, is subjected to all sorts of elements, such as the sun, of course, but also rain, pollen, leaves and bird droppings that can leave stubborn stains. But how should you clean your umbrella?
Tips for a ski trip
Physical preparation is essential to fully enjoy and make the most of a ski trip! Here are some tips.