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Tips and advice

Rowing Technique

Rowing technique 
A rowing machine is an excellent exercise apparatus to develop your cardiovascular fitness and body building. However, to carry out the movement properly and avoid injury, it is important to adopt the right technique.
Catch :
Arms stretched, back leaning slightly forward without bending.
Drive :
Push on the legs, arms stretched, back straight and abdominal muscles tight.
Finish :
Arms flexed toward the floor, centered, elbows back and in line, back slightly leaning rearward and legs extended.
The finish
Recovery :
Arms unfolded, very slight flexion of the body forward and flexion of the legs to return to the starting position.
The entire technique should be repeated at a regular rhythm during which the drive should be energetic.
Remember to keep your shoulders low, your back straight and your abdominal muscles tight.
To find out which muscles come into play when using a rowing machine, read our article: What muscles are you exercising when you use a rowing machine?