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Opening and closing service

Above ground pool Closing

To facilitate opening your pool in the spring, we recommend that you close your pool as late as possible, ideally when water temperature reaches about 10˚C (50˚F). However, keep the pump cycling to prevent it from freezing up (for instance, by using a timer at night time). Also, in order to maintain your pool water and bottom clean all winter long, we strongly recommend that you perform a water test to adjust the alkalinity between 100 and 200 ppm2 , and the pH between 7,2 and 7,4. Keeping the water and bottom clean for a longer time means that less debris will accumulate, fewer bacteria and algae will form, and the vinyl liner will not be exposed to the sun as much; consequently, it will be less prone to drying and fading.
1 - Preparation
It is important to verify that the pool’s water level is stable and that there are no leaks. An easy way to accomplish this is simply by drawing a line on the pool cover at water level. You will thus be able to observe if the water level drops over the following four consecutive rainless days. Do not be concerned if the water level drops about ¼ inch (1 cm) since it is normal. Any repairs must be done before closing the pool for the winter, because a layer of ice will form on the water surface when the weather gets cold. If the temperature drops suddenly, this ice will exert pressure on the pool walls and could cause damage. Any leaks not repaired could undermine your pool’s structure and cause it to collapse.
Ideally, the water must be very cold. Adjust pH and alkalinity to between 7.2 and 7.6.
The water must be clear and free of algae and leaves. You can purchase a mesh net leaf cover at your Club Piscine Super Fitness store to help keep your water clean. A cover like this will save you a lot of work in both the fall and spring.
Do not turn off the filtration system until the day you close the pool for the winter.
Come spring time, you will save yourself a lot of trouble as you prepare to reconnect your filtration system and all related equipment, if you take the time to label all inlets and outlets and make a diagram or take a picture of its actual setup.
Prior to draining your filter, proceed with a good 5-minute or so backwash in order to clean the sand adequately. However, remove water debris beforehand with a leaf collector creating as little turbulence as possible. Do not be concerned with the debris at the very bottom of your pool, the vacuum cleaner will pick them up later on. To extend your sand’s effectiveness, use a sand filter cleaning solution.
2 - Procedure
Clean the filter
  • Attach the drain hose to the filter and unwind the coil all the way to the street.
  • Firmly tighten the collar or ring that secures the hose to the filter.
  • Turn off the pump. • Turn the filter handle counter clockwise till it reaches the BACKWASH position, then turn on the pump for 3 seconds, just long enough to uncoil the hose and prevent damage, when full pressure is applied. (Wait till water reaches the other end.)
  • Once again, turn on the pump and keep it on for about 5 minutes, before turning it off.
  • Turn the filter handle to the RINSE position, and run the pump for a good 30 seconds, before turning it off.
Lower the water level to 18 inches below the skimmer opening.
Pool without bottom drain
  • Set up as if you were going to vacuum. When the hose has been connected to the skimmer, turn the control handle to “DRAIN” or “WASTE.” Never drain the pool on the “BACKWASH” setting;
  • Run the filter and vacuum over the bottom one last time, while keeping an eye on the water level;
  • When the water level has dropped below the skimmer, the filter will draw air;
  • To maintain suction, trickle water from a garden hose into the skimmer.
Pool with bottom drain
  • Turn off the pump;
  • Put the filter handle at “DRAIN” or “WASTE”;
  • Close the skimmer water intake completely with the selector on your 3-way valve (handle pointing upwards);
  • Start the pump and the pool water will flow out through the bottom drain;
  • Turn the pump off when the desired water level is reached. Ensure that the water level remains 6 to 12 inches below the skimmer prior to the first layer of ice.
Store the following equipment away from the cold.
For a quick and easy installation in the spring, clearly identify all accessories.
Solar Blanket
As soon as the swimming season is over, remove the solar blanket to ensure the water will remain well oxygenated. It is best to clean it with a degreaser right away. Simply dilute the degreaser with water in a 50/50 mix, scrub the entire blanket, then let it dry completely prior to storing it away in a dry location. Be careful, since this product can damage your grass, we recommend doing the cleaning on pavement.
Remove the inside steps before the water gets too cold, since it is much easier done from inside the pool.
Pay special attention to these components:
Bottom drain (if applicable, and may vary based on its installation):
  • Remove then clean the skimmer’s door and basket.
  • Insert the protective styrofoam or polystyrene in the skimmer.
  • Use one coil at the bottom of the skimmer, and one coil in the backflow’s conduit.
  • The styrofoam and polysterene together must be even with ground level.
Filter tank
  • Remove and store away the drain cap.
  • Set the dialer to «WINTERIZE», then cover it up with a plastic bag fastened with a rope or clip.
  • Tilt the filter to drain all remaining water. Leave the filter slightly tilted all winter long to enable water drainage. Do not put the cap back on till spring time.
  • If you cannot store the unit, remove the lid and lay the chlorinator on its side, or remove the drain plug.
  • Disconnect the pump.
  • Switch off the breaker, then empty the pump’s water.
  • Loosen the lower bolt in order to empty the water inside the pump.
  • Lubricate the sealing joint under the cover.
  • Add plumbing antifreeze to the pump then store it away.
Heat Pump/Propane heater (if applicable)
  • Turn off the heat pump (control at “OFF”) and the breaker providing power to the pump.
  • Take apart all water hose couplings and blow or draw the air from water pipes. This will prevent ice from forming and expanding in the pipes when it gets cold.
  • Cover with a waterproof cover or plastic wrap for the winter.
  • Never put antifreeze in the unit.
Gas/Oil water heater (if applicable)
  • Please read the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual for details on maintaining your gas or oil water heater.
Nature2 sanitizer
  • Disconnect the unit prior to draining the water.
  • Lubricate the sealing joints using a silicon-based lubricant. Never use vaseline.
  • Throw away the biodegradable cartridge.
Salt chlorinator (if applicable)
  • Please read the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual for details on maintaining your salt chlorinator.
Lumi-O Lights
  • Disconnect from the power source.
  • Remove the light bulb.
  • Apply vaseline to the bushing.
  • Store away the niche and power plug in a plastic bag, then close it and hang it up.
Because pool decks should not rise above pool edges, they must be pulled away at least 8 inches to allow the pool to shift as the weather freezes and thaws. Otherwise, the pool could become stuck, causing serious damage to the structure and adversely affect the warranty. If this is not feasible, use styrofoam, polystyrene, hay, or simply snow to insulate the grounds below the deck to help lower the freezing point.
Winter cover
Club Piscine Super Fitness recommends using a winter cover to shield the vinyl liner from the sun and prevent debris, dust, and leaves from getting in the water. A special winter air pillow can be placed under the winter cover so that water will drain off. This will prevent unnecessary pressure that could damage the pool and void the warranty. See a representative at your Club Piscine Super Fitness store for details on the various winter covers and their installation.
Closing kit
Note: in order to select the appropriate closing kit for your above ground pool, simply refer to the information provided on the package, or contact a Club Piscine Super Fitness representative.
This should be done only after the water level has been reduced. It will help maintain clean water throughout the winter. Carefully read all instructions provided with the closing kit, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
IMPORTANT SNOW BUILD-UP: It is important to never let snow pile up more than one foot above the upper rim. Remember that your pool is designed to withstand lateral pressure caused by the weight of the water, not vertical pressure caused by the weight of snow.
SOIL DRAINAGE: Make sure that water from rain and thawing snow has adequate drainage that will take the water away from the pool.
WATER LEVEL: Keep water at the same level it was at freeze-up. You must install insulation in the skimmer for your warranty to be valid.
LINER: Never let kids or anyone else touch or throw anything on your pool liner (vinyl) in winter time, when it is most fragile, and could easily break or crack.