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K-Star 5KW Digital Titanium Salt Water Friendly Electric Pool/Spa Heater (40,000 L)
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K-Star 5KW Digital Titanium Salt Water Friendly Electric Pool/Spa Heater (40,000 L)

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The K-Star Digital Titanium is a Specially Designed Salt Water Friendly Electric Pool Heater!

K-Star Digital Titanium heaters are electric water heaters for use on spas, above ground pools, and small inground pools. The Digital Titanium models are equipped with digital thermostats and designed for salt water application. The K-Star Pool Heater is for comfort and heat when you need it. Swimming any time is more fun when the water temperature is right. Your whole family will get more enjoyment and more use of your pool and spa with a K-Star heater. Whether you want to extend your swimming season from earlier spring into the fall, want more comfortable pool temperatures all the time, or have your spa ready even in frigid winter weather, K-Star electric heaters can do it for you.

Product Name:
K-Star Digital Salt Water Friendly 5KW Electric Pool/Spa Heater (40,000 L)
Product Code:
Recommended for use on:
Above Ground Pools
Heater Type:
1.5 Inch Male Threaded
240 V / 30 Amps
1 Year(s) - Warranty void outside of Canada.
Warranty also void on soft sided and commercial pools.
Replacement Parts


  • Leakage Current Collectors (not supplied with purchase) may be required with your Heater installation; consult your local Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to determine if Leakage Current Collectors are mandatory in your jurisdiction - *Please note that the Canadian Electrical Code only requires Leakage Current Collectors for Hot Tub applications
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Designed for Salt Water Applications
  • Operating Indicator Light
  • High limit manual control reset
  • Copper grounding lugs
  • Titanium elements for longer life and salt water use
  • PVC impact- resistant tank
  • Winterizing drain plug
  • Keeps Temperatures constant up 104ºF (40ºC)
  • For Pools up to 40,000 L in size (10,000 Gallons)
  • 1.5" Inlet / Outlet Connections
  • K-Star Heaters are Proudly Made In Canada

Recomended for use on Pools 12' Round, 15' Round and 12' X 18' Oval in size. For aluminum and/or resin/steel pool use only, do not use with soft sided (Intex) pools.

Note: This unit is to be hardwired and serviced by a licensed electrician. Refer to owner’s manual for proper installation parameters and warranty criteria.

PLEASE NOTE: This heater is not to be used on any soft sided above ground pool

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Warranty Coverage: K-Star Electric Heaters come with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty with only 90 Days Limited Warranty on Heating Elements. The manufacturer warrants their electric heaters against defects on workmanship and materials. This warranty will be void if the electric heater is damaged as a result of improper installation or use, or if damage is a result of ice or chemical imbalance. This warranty does not cover any labour charges, cost of lost water or chemicals, or any other damages that may occur.

Start a Warranty Claim: To begin a claim please email [email protected] with a photo showing the defect(s)/damage to your K-Star Electric Heater and include a brief explanation of what occurred.


We bought one of these late last summer and got it installed without too much effort, though you need to account for the wiring, and breakers as well as the extra hose and connectors. These pieces would be required for any heater, so that is not specific to this unit. The first time we ran it it seemed to be fine, then after about 6 hours or so, my wife said that she heard water splashing by the pool. I raced out to find water splashing out of the control box. The heater element had not been threaded into the body deeply enough and had come out, causing the water to pour out. Fortunately my wiring had been done correctly and the GFCI worked, killing the power. I contacted the company and they contacted the manufacturer on my behalf. Very quickly they ascertained that it was a manufacturing problem and they sent me a new one right away and arranged for me to ship back the faulty one at no cost. The customer service was excellent! The trick with this unit is to control the flow so that the heater can effectively heat the water. I had plumbed the unit as shown in the manual, but this time I added another On/Off valve right after the filter. My pump has a slow and fast speed, and even the slow speed is too fast. The trick is to allow just enough water to flow in, provide a bit of back pressure to keep the pressure switch from shutting things off. I think I have that dialed in just right now and have marked my valve positions to make it easy to set them back after I run a filter/chlorinator cycle. One other thing to note is that the temperature shown on the heater is NOT the temperature in the pool. It is the temperature in the heater barrel. I run the heater in Spa mode to allow me to set the water temperature higher. If you don't set the heater high, then it would not provide anywhere near enough heated water to affect the pool, especially due to the low flow speed. Over all, I took away one star as it is a bit finnicky to get the flow and settings just right to properly heat the pool, however, our pool was 82 today and we have not had a lot of sun or hot weather.

Written by Ron P on June 14, 2022

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K-Star 5KW Digital Titanium Salt Water Friendly Electric Pool/Spa Heater (40,000 L) $899.99