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ICO Smart chemical monitoring system - Chlorine/Bromine
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ICO Smart chemical monitoring system - Chlorine/Bromine

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The ICO intelligent monitoring system is compatible with chlorine and bromine pools and spas. It monitors the water quality of your pool or spa 24/7. It communicates via Wi-Fi with the ICO Cloud system to optimize water quality by giving timely personalized recommendations on your phone.


  • Compatible with pools and spas
  • Intuitive and easy to use ICO application
  • Water Index, provides an overview of water quality and balance
  • Designed to last, made with robust components
  • Artificial intelligence, analyzes and gives you recommendations
  • Removable probe for optimal longevity with Twistlock system for easy and immediate replacement
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery, USB cable included
  • Compatible with Alexa


2 years.

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ICO Smart chemical monitoring system - Chlorine/Bromine $559.00
Intelligent water monitoring

Intelligent water monitoring

ICO, is an innovative technology for anticipating variations and maintaining better water quality. Using various data such as disinfection behavior and weather forecasts, the intelligent Ico system gives you personalized recommendations.

An intuitive and eay-to-use app

ICO sends you timely notifications and performs hourly water analysis 24 hours a day. At a glance, you can see all the parameters of your pool or hot tub water in easy-to-interpret views.

An intuitive and eay-to-use app
Water Index

Water Index

The Water Index provides an overview of water quality, the balance between disinfection and comfort.

Clear blue: optimal water quality, no intervention required

Deep blue: satisfactory water quality, minor intervention may be required

Orange: Poor water quality, action required

Red: alert, swimming not recommanded, intervention required before swimming

Grey: no measure(s) or inconsistent measure(s)
Personalized settings and recommendations

Personalized settings and recommendations

ICO continuously analyses past, presents and future data to provide personalised recommendations to maintain the best water quality.

Customised recommendations on the precise dosage of chemicals and on maintenance.

Personalized settings: min/max target values, chemicals catalog.