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Club Piscine Super Fitness is becoming an Entreprise Enfant Soleil!

Bois-des-Fillions, March 3rd 2021– Club Piscine Super Fitness is proud to obtain the Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification, therefore becoming an important player within Opération Enfant Soleil. This philanthropic certification is particularly fitting as it marks the 10th anniversary of partnership between the two enterprises.

10th anniversary of partnership

10th anniversary of partnership

Over the years, Club Piscine Super Fitness has pursued a philanthropic mission dedicated to helping families in need. “We want the well-being of as many families as possible and that goes well beyond our products. Therefore, it was perfectly natural for us to be even more committed to such an important cause.” [Translation] states Véronique Dion, Marketing Director of Club Piscine Super Fitness.

First philanthropic certification in Quebec

First philanthropic certification in Quebec

In order to increase its contribution to pediatric care for all children in Quebec, Opération Enfant Soleil has found an innovative way to improve its position in the corporate world, emphasize company engagement, and promote businesses among the general public. The organization has officially launched the very first philanthropic certification in Quebec: ENTREPRISE ENFANT SOLEIL.

When philanthropy and marketing go hand in hand

A 2017 IPSOS survey revealed that 84% of consumers are prepared to change their purchasing habits in order to choose an equivalent product or service from a socially engaged company. This means that combining philanthropic values with business management can make a real difference when it comes to a company’s credibility with the public as well as contributing to a cause that affects all of Quebec.


What is the Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification?

This annual certification allows businesses in Quebec to position themselves as good corporate citizens and distinguish themselves in the eyes of the general public and their competitors, all while concretely demonstrating their commitment to the cause. The certification also provides the company with the means to mobilize its employees and promote its brand through the use of proven personalized support and marketing tools. Véronique Dion, Marketing Director, from Club Piscine Super Fitness “As an Entreprise Enfant Soleil, we commit to contributing a minimum of $50 000 Opération Enfant Soleil annually and we encourage our employees to get involved to the extent that they are able.”

A growing movement

A growing movement

This first-ever philanthropic certification is intended to be the start of a new corporate link in the great chain of solidarity that is Opération Enfant Soleil, and Club Piscine Super Fitness invites its colleagues to join it. For more information about the Entreprise Enfant Soleil certification, visit:

About Club Piscine Super Fitness

Here at Club Piscine Super Fitness, we have been thriving for almost 30 years! Our purpose is simple: To bring the outdoor pleasures of life to as many Quebecers as possible, all in the comfort of their own home. With 42 stores all across Québec, we are proud to be the leading Canadian retailer of swimming pools, spas, garden furniture, fitness equipment and BBQs. To find out more about our products and services, visit


About Opération Enfant Soleil

Opération Enfant Soleil raises funds to support the development of quality pediatrics for all sick children in Quebec. Thanks to the money raised, hundreds of projects become a reality every year in major pediatric centres as well as regional hospitals and organizations. More than 210 million dollars have been distributed throughout the province because of the generosity of thousands of Quebecers, the support of volunteers, and the dedication of our partners. To learn more, visit