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In 2014, two childhood friends made it their mission to revolutionize the furniture industry. NORKA sprang from a desire to counter the rigid, stagnant presence of traditional furniture with a new solution that would provide mobility, style and comfort at an unprecedented level.

Rooms are invigorated with the exciting patterns and vibrant colours of our rich fabrics, and by using the highest quality filling, we pride ourselves on creating durable, highly adaptable and easily transportable seating that liberates living and working spaces.

Moreover, we work with local Canadian designers to develop our collection and are proud to say that all designs, finish and assembly are done locally in our facility in Montreal, Quebec.

We are a passionate team enthusiastically promoting a new way of living. Our clients are at the heart of our company and the bar has been set high as we continue innovating and surpassing expectations. We strive to make the experience of furniture buying convenient, affordable and fun!