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Sun Shelter

A garden shelter (gazebo, solarium, garden pavilion, sun shelter) is a simple solution to protect you from the sun, weather and mosquitoes.

Before you buy, start by determining how much space you will need for your shelter’s intended activity. Then, observe the spot where you plan to put the shelter and notice whether it is very windy, whether the ground needs leveling and, especially, whether you have enough room for the size of shelter you want. Then, look at the different types of materials, and decide which will suit you best.

The differences

At Club Piscine Super Fitness, we offer four types of garden shelter:

  • the canvas shelter;

  • the shelter with rigid roof;

  • the solarium-type shelter;

  • the permanent shelter.

canvas shelter, also called a gazebo at Club Piscine, has an aluminum frame; so it won’t rust. The frame is covered with canvas which you will need to take down and store for the winter, as well as in heavy weather. If your gazebo is in a very windy spot, order one with a roof vent; it will stand up better to wind gusts, and last longer. The canvas gazebo can be ordered with screen, clear vinyl or opaque curtains, or a combination of all three. As with the canvas roof, you will also need to store the curtains for the winter. The canvas gazebo is the most affordable choice, but also the least durable.

The garden shelter with rigid roof has an aluminum or wood frame, and roof panels made of polycarbonate, galvalume, or steel. It is a little more expensive than the canvas type, but the advantage is that the roof is 100% waterproof and will not fade. Models with a polycarbonate roof also let in more light, while still protecting from the sun’s UV rays. This type of shelter, depending on the model, may be ordered with screen curtains. In winter, if you do not take down the roof panels, you should plan to clear the snow off the roof at the slightest accumulation, especially if the roof is made of polycarbonate.

The solarium-type shelter generally has a polycarbonate roof, but instead of having a simple roof and side curtains, the shelter is enclosed with rigid panels. We also have wall-mounted solarium shelters. This means that your shelter must be built against a wall, for instance the wall where the back door to your house is located. It is like adding on a summer kitchen or sunroom, an extension of your home. The snow will have to be cleared off the roof in winter.

The permanent shelter is generally made of wood with a steel roof and is enclosed with glass panels. The advantage of this type of shelter is that there is almost no winterizing required and you can even leave your patio furniture in it for the winter. Of course, because of its sturdiness and its permanence, it is the most expensive type of shelter, but it will also be the strongest and most durable.