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It is often repeated the importance of staying hydrated. But how?

Here is a good indication on how to:

  • Weight yourself before and after your physical activity. (ex: 65 Kg before, 64 Kg after)

  • Notice the amount of water you drink during the physical activity. (ex 1 litre)

  • The weight lost during the exercise is the amount of water lost.

  • The amount of water drink is: the amount of water drank plus the amount equivalent loss.

Divide the amount of water needed by 15 minute interval. (Example: exercise for 2 hours, 8 x 15 minute intervals gives 2 litres, so about 250 ml of water each 15 minutes.

*Note: The body absorbed the water at about 1 litre per hour, if your quantity of water that you should drink is more than 1 litre; you should start drinking your water in advance (2 or 3 hours) to hydrate yourself before the activity.