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Elliptical trainer : muscles use

The elliptical trainer, with combined motions of arms and legs, is the secondgym trainer requiring the effort of a great number of muscles. Its smooth and continuous motion makes it very joint-friendly.

Lower body muscles are those which work harder, specially when you chose not to use mobile handles during exercise. During a session, front of thighs quadriceps, back of thighs hamstrings, gluteus and calf muscles are those which are the most challenged.

When using mobile handles, upper body muscles such as biceps and triceps are respectively used when you pull or push on handles. Pectorals, back muscles and deltoids are also used when arms are moving, as well as abdominal and lombar muscles during motion transition between upper and lower body.

A good thing to know about :

To get the most out of biceps and triceps workout, try to pull and push harder on handles instead of simply follow the elliptical trainer motion.

For a different and exciting training, we invite you to elliptical trainer workout session with VirtuoGym and kinesiologist Marie-Ève Riendeau.