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Bicycle workout : muscles involved

Exercise bicycle popularity increased lately, mainly because physicians, and specially physiotherapists, recommend using it for rehabilitation exercises after a knee or other articulation injuries.

Athletes use the exercise bicycle as a mean to get a good warm-up and many consumers choose it simply because they like riding a bicycle and for the fact that this bike lets them ride it no matter what the outside temperature is...

Stationary bicycle, aka apartment bike, is a pleasant and efficient mean for someone who whishes to improve health, thin down curves, get leg muscles at work and knock off stress.

Muscles involved...

While using traditional, half-reclined, horizontal or cardio bike, these muscles are the most worked out :

  • Heart ;

  • Thighs (quadriceps femoris and hamstrings while pushing off) ;

  • Calves ;

  • Muscles of the buttocks ;

  • Abdominal and lumbar muscles, depending on type of bike used and position of the person.

Few tips :

Adopt a good body position by properly adjusting saddle and handlebars, whenever possible. When you're sitting on the saddle, the most extended leg placed on pedal should be a little bent. Shoulders should be lowered but straight and your back should also be straight, not bent. You should look ahead, with your head facing forward.

Duration of exercise on a stationary bike should be longer than exercises on other fitness equipment, ideally between 30 and 45 minutes.

You should vary your workout by changing rhythm, intensity and duration. If your bike comes with programs, give them a try!

Adjust your workout in order to achieve the desired heart rate for the target training zone.