Opening and closing service

Above ground pool closing

Above ground pool closing

Club Piscine Super Fitness offers you the above ground pool closing services. Our specialists will make sure to provide a quality service which answers perfectly your needs and your expectations. Our company distinguishes itself by its expertise and its know-how and great customer service.


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Here is a list of what our services consist of:


  • Closing above ground pool
  • Lowering the level of water
  • Protector above ground skimmer
  • Winterise the skimmer
  • Styrofoam 3-way valve
  • Winter net installation
  • Elastic system for the winter net installation
  • Drain the pump and the filter
  • Drain and winterise the heaters or the heat pumps
  • Put away the ladder or step
  • Uninstalling the removable stair
  • Generator chlorine disconnection
  • Cell cleaning generator chlorine
  • Blow the main and branch lines
  • Drain pipes and the stoppers
  • Shock treatment with closing kit
  • Adding antifreeze

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