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Come home to a Club Piscine in ground pool! Whether you are looking for a family-friendly pool with tons of water toys and playful features or a luxury entertainment pool with interactive water elements such as jets, fountains or spill over spas, we are here to make it happen. Let us create the outdoor oasis of your dreams!

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  • Brand : AquaFab - Latham Splash

  • Available dimensions:
    • 12' x 24'
    • 14' x 28'
    • 15' x 30'
    • 16' x 32'
    • 16' x 36'
    • 18' x 36'
    • 20' x 30'
    • 22' x 34'
    • 24' x 36'
    • 24' x 41'
    • 28' x 43'
    • 30' x 40'
    • 30' x 46'
  • 2', 4', 6" or octagonal corner radius choice, subject to availability
  • Choice of concrete: stamped concrete, regular concrete or reinforced concrete
  • Top ledge: Edgelok exclusive Club Piscine Super Fitness
  • Wall panel: Classic galvanized steel
  • Foundation: reinforced concrete
  • Prop: galvanized steel
  • Walk: Tux, Wedding Cake, Oasis and much more
  • Standard: approved by the Club Piscine Super Fitness standards
  • Options: Built-in light, spa pool, slide and much more

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