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Elite Spa 5300

6 to 8 seats

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By choosing a spa Elite you decide to offer you a relaxing oasis right in your backyard. So you proviterez the benefits of hydrotherapy. Spa Elite 5300 offers a structure in steel coated with Zinc, DuraMAAX ™ cabinet, stainless steel jets, two-tone molded pillows, insulation system with BlueMAAX ™, 3.5" underwater spa light with color optic lighting, chromatherapy, Aurora cascade, illuminated diverters, illuminated cup holder. Visit us in store to discover the different options and colors available.

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  • Brand : Elite Spas
  • Material(s) : Zinc plated steel structure

  • Number of seats: 7
  • Jets: 49 stainless steel jets
  • Color(s):
    • acrylic: silver marble, midnight opal, linen, gypsum, cinnabar/latte, desert, tuscan
    • skirt: teak, grey, mocha (these colors are not available with all acrylic colors)
  • Dimensions: 82,5" x 82,5" x 38"
    (210 cm x 210 cm x 97 cm)
  • Standard insulating sagety cover 3" x 4" included
  • Water capacity: 1105 liters / 292 US galon
  • Dry weight: 870 lb. / 394 kg
  • Filled weight: 3308 lb. / 1500 kg
  • 1 pump: 56 frame, 1 speed 5.9 bHP
  • 1 pumps: 56 frame, 2 speeds 5.9 bHP
  • Water heater: 5.5 kW Stainless steel
  • Filtration: ClearMAAX™ 2 x 50 sq ft
  • UV Cleanzone™ II disinfection system
  • Chromotherapy
  • Light: 1 underwater spa light with color optic lighting (3.5" diam.)
  • Aurora cascade
  • Illuminated diverters
  • Illuminated cup holder
  • Insulock insulation system with BlueMAAX™
  • DuraMAAX™ cabinet
  • Headrests: 4, two tone molded pillows
  • MP3 - Bluetooth stereo system
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Color topside control panel
  • Power supply: 4 wire, 240V, 60 Hz, 40A/60A
  • Options: De Luxe cover (5" x 4"), AeroMAAX system with 10 air injectors,  CleanzoneTM (Plasma ozonator)
  • Warranty: See details in store


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